Mataram govt to hold Mandalika Fair during World Superbike event

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Mataram govt to hold Mandalika Fair during World Superbike event

Mataram Mayor H. Mohan Roliskana. (ANTARA/Nirkomala/rst)

Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA) - The government of Mataram city in West Nusa Tenggara Province will hold a Mandalika Fair to welcome the world motorcycle racing event World Superbike (WSBK) in November this year.

The WSBK will be held at the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok district from November 19-21, 2021. The government hopes the Mandalika Fair will help to boost the local economy.

"This is part of our initiative as well as an opportunity to help the community's economy with this WSBK momentum," Mataram Mayor H. Mohan Roliskana said on Friday.

Several stakeholders will be involved in the Mandalika Fair, including hoteliers, restaurants, the tourism sector, and MSMEs in Mataram city, he informed.

"We hope that WSBK spectators will not only come to watch the race but also shop in Mataram city. We are still coordinating the timing and location of the event," he said.

The mayor said he has also asked MSME players to prepare themselves by making souvenirs with the World Superbike theme.

"I have also asked hoteliers to prepare their hotel and human resources to welcome tourists. I hope it will be beneficial for the economic opportunities," Roliskana remarked.

He said he has also asked the local Tourism Service to form a team to prepare various activities, such as art performances and cultural activities, that can attract WSBK guests and spectators to Mataram city.

"Even though WSBK will take place in Central Lombok, but as a surrounding area, we can seize the opportunities from the impacts of this world event," he added.

Mataram city is also participating in the organization of the WSBK, with hotels from the city preparing 1,300 rooms in accordance with standards, he informed.

"We also have the Mataram City Hospital, which already has a health tourism service program, as well as other supporting facilities," he added.

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