Bank Indonesia Builds Animal Waste Treatment Facility In Sumbawa



"The assistance was added to other types of assistance already given by Bank Indonesia"
Mataram, W Nusa Tenggara (Antara) - Bank Indonesia representative office in West Nusa Tenggara has given an assistance of Rp150 million to livestock farmers in Bukai, village of Batu Tering in the regency of Sumbawa Besar, to build animal waste processing facility.

"The assistance is Rp150 million . We already handed over several days earlier," head of Bank Indonesia (BI) representative for West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Prijono said here on Sunday.

Prijono said the Bukai group of livestock farmers has been developed by the central bank as an example for the expansion of the concept of integrated livestock farming in the regency of Sumbawa.

The assistance was in the form of bio digester with a capacity of 17 cubic meters. The biodigester is complete with a container to hold animal waste, and solid and liquid fertilizer processing facility . There is also electricity generator using animal waste bio gas with a capacity of 1,000 watt and bio urine fertilizer packaging equipment.

"The assistance was added to other types of assistance already given by Bank Indonesia earlier such as construction of water pipe system channeling fresh water to the villages and construction of communal animal stable," Prijono said.

Prijono said the farmers are expected to raise their livestock at stable rather than freeing them to find grazing field.

In Sumbawa , raising livestock is only a side job with cows left free untended in the grazing field, he said, adding, livestock would be healthier if raised and fed in their stable.

"By putting the animal in stable it would be easier for the farmers to use the animal waste for fertilizer," he said.

So far animal waste instead of being used as fertilizer has polluted the environment, he said, adding the existing cows in the villages could have produced sround 9 tons of fertilizer every month enough to fertilize nine hectare of farmlands.

"Therefore we are called on to offer help for the farmers as livestock farming is potential to grow to be developed commercially in Sumbawa," Prijono said.

The West Nusa Tenggara representative office of the Central Bank has provided an aid of Rp250 million for livestock farmers in Ngiring Datu, in the village of Karang Kendal, village of Genggelang, in the regency of North Lombok.

The funds are given to finance development of integrated livestock farming complete with livestock waste processing equipment. (*)

Editor: Awaludin