Indonesian riders needed to promote F1 Powerboat: Minister

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Indonesian riders needed to promote F1 Powerboat: Minister

F1 Powerboat rider Erik Stark of the Victory Team at Lake Toba on March 1, 2024. (ANTARA/Donny Aditra)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Youth and Sports Minister Dito Ariotedjo stated that the strategy to popularize the F1 Powerboat racing event is to have racers from within the country.

"In my opinion, the strategy so that (F1 Powerboat) can ‘break out’ in the community is that we have our own riders," he was quoted as saying from the ministry’s official website here on Friday.

Ariotedjo remarked that growing Indonesian racers is part of the efforts to popularize the F1 Powerboat event among Indonesians. He explained that the F1 Powerboat is more famous in European, American, and Middle Eastern countries.

However, since first being held in Indonesia last year and acting as a host again for the second time in 2024, the public's interest in the event has continued to increase. The ministry is preparing for efforts to train national F1 Powerboat racers by establishing an academy.

The academy will be a place to train the Indonesian F1 Powerboat and Aquabike teams. Ariotedjo said the government is targeting Indonesia to have F1 Powerboat riders before 2027, so that they can start competing in the racing event.

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Furthermore, he said, the development of F1 Powerboat will lead to sports tourism in future, so in addition to being an outstanding sport, it will have an impact on Indonesia's economic growth. The convening of F1 Powerboat 2024 in Lake Toba, North Sumatra, can be a benchmark and an example of successful sports tourism in Indonesia.

The ministry also pays attention to other areas that have the potential to hold world-class sports tourism events, such as in Labuan Bajo, Lampung, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and some parts in Sulawesi.