Papua governor initiates National Immunization Week on Numfor Island

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Papua governor initiates National Immunization Week on Numfor Island

Acting Papua Governor Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun giving a dose of oral polio vaccine to a child on Numfor Island, Biak Numfor, District, Papua, on Saturday (May 25, 2024). (ANTARA/HO-Pemprov Papua)

Jayapura (ANTARA) - Acting Governor of Papua Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun personally launched the implementation of National Immunization Week (PIN) on Numfor Island, Biak Numfor District, on Saturday (May 25).

"We must take part in the alleviation of stunting and polio cases, as it has become a national policy and is related to the growth of children in Papua. For that reason, all regional leaders should pay attention to PIN," he noted in a press release in Jayapura on Sunday.

Rumasukun stated that the Papua Provincial Government's participation in the alleviation of childhood diseases is aimed at helping the nation achieve the Golden Indonesia 2045 vision by producing healthy Papuan children.

"Since PIN is targeting children within the age range of 0–7 years, we would like to ask parents to pay close attention to the need for immunization for the sake of their kids' growth," he remarked.

The acting governor then expressed the belief that healthy Papuan children would grow, becoming the future leaders of the region.

"If they are healthy and strong, our future generations will be guaranteed. I believe some of our children will emerge as district heads, mayors, and even governors in the future," he stated.

He added that all parties should work together to ensure that the children grow healthily and possess the potential to become notable figures for their nation and religions.

"We hope that all officials in nine regions of Papua Province will draw attention to this matter," he concluded.

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Meanwhile, Secretary of Papua Health Office Aaron Rumainum said that the provincial government is targeting to immunize a total of 188,659 children during the PIN that will run nationally for four months, starting on May 27.

"We are optimistic about vaccinating 188,659 children, as we believe that immunization is a basic right of every single child in Papua," he remarked.