Mataram, Malaysia cooperate in nurses recruitment

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Mataram, Malaysia cooperate in nurses recruitment

Illustration of nurses. (Antaranews Foto/Ist)

Mataram, (Antaranews NTB) - The Government of Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, received Ade Merliana, an envoy from Shah Alam, the State Capital of Selangor Malaysia, to discuss "sister city" cooperation, one of which was sending nurses.

Merliana was received directly by the Mayor of Mataram, H Ahyar Abduh, along with a number of regional organization leaders (OPD) of the Mataram City Government in the hall of the mayor`s pavilion in Mataram on Tuesday.

On the occasion, Merliana stated that "sister city" was the concept of coupling two cities with different locations and political administration, with the aim of establishing cultural relations and social contacts between the residents of the two countries.

"The city of Shah Alam has collaborated with the United Kingdom and Germany, where there is a shortage of nurses," he stated.

Merliana sought cooperation in recruiting nurses in the city of Mataram, including newly graduated nurses or nurses who have not gotten work.

The nurses who are recruited will be first trained for one year and will be sent to the UK, with a salary of around Rp48 million per month. They may bring their family and their children.

"The City of Shah Alam is still in the negotiation stage with the German state. The city of Shah Alam also offers cooperation in the exchange of staff of the Mataram City Government and staff of the Government of Shah Alam City," he remarked.

The forms of cooperation, he further stressed, which also include finding a third party by attracting developed countries to invest in Mataram City and Shah Alam City, will be an investment cooperation.

In addition to investment cooperation, the Kingdom of Selangor also offers cooperation on labor issues and increased human resources cooperation.

"God willing, with this cooperation, we will be able to stand on equal footing, exchange benefits, progress together, and share the role to convince developed countries to invest in our country," he noted.

Responding to what was conveyed by an envoy from Shah Alam, the capital city of the State of Selangor Malaysia, Abduh explained that this would not be continued.

"The cooperation can provide benefits for two cities, Mataram City and Shah Alam City," he added.

According to the mayor, the first thing to be followed up is a memorandum of understanding and signing as a "sister city," so that the cooperation will be more solid.

"Cooperation to tackle labor issues, boost human resources, and increase working visits are very good," he pointed out.
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