Attorney General's Office sends food aid to disaster-hit regions

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Attorney General's Office sends food aid to disaster-hit regions

Deputy for Ranks and Transfers of the Attorney General's Office Andhie Fajar Arianto (in black shirt) symbolically hands over food aid to Kudus residents in Jati Wetan Village, Jati Sub-district, Kudus, Central Java, on Friday (March 29, 2024). (ANTARA/Akhmad Nazaruddin Lathif)

Kudus (ANTARA) - The Attorney General's Office of Indonesia has distributed thousands of packages of food assistance to people affected by natural disasters in various regions on Java Island, including Central Java's Kudus, Demak, and Jepara.

"For Kudus residents, we have delivered a total of one thousand packages of groceries and 250 boxes of instant noodles," the office's Deputy for Ranks and Transfers, Andhie Fajar Arianto, remarked after symbolically handing out the aid in Jati Sub-district, Kudus, Central Java, on Friday.

As for people hit by floods in Demak District, he remarked that the Attorney General's Office had distributed one thousand packages of groceries and five tons of rice, while residents of Jepara had received five tons of rice and 250 boxes of instant noodles.

Arianto remarked that apart from the three Central Javan districts, the Office has also delivered assistance to natural disaster victims in Jakarta and its surroundings and West Java and earthquake-hit residents in East Java's Tuban and Gresik districts.

"This aid delivery is part of the series of activities conducted under the Attorney General's Office Care 2024 Program dedicated to disaster-hit regions in the country," he explained.

He noted that the program aims to relieve the victims' burdens and assist residents in need.

"Additionally, we hope that this program will bring about benefits to those affected by natural disasters and lead a broader population to come to know the Attorney General's Office," he remarked.

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Present during the handover ceremony, Head of Jati Sub-district Fiza Akbar extended gratitude to the Attorney General's Office for the packages of groceries delivered.

"Hopefully, this aid will help relieve the burdens of Kudus residents affected by the floods that hit five sub-districts, namely Jati, Undaan, Kaliwungu, Jekulo, and Mejobo," he remarked.