Jakarta to screen newcomers to prevent increase in unemployment

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Jakarta to screen newcomers to prevent increase in unemployment

Archive - Some exodus travelers at the Pulo Gebang Bus Terminal in Jakarta on April 15, 2024. (ANTARA FOTO/Bayu Pratama S/Spt/aa)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta provincial government will conduct screening for newcomers who arrived in the city after the 2024 Eid holiday period to prevent high unemployment in the city.

"(We screen them) because we want to realize Jakarta as a global city. We screen the new arrivals' competence and their expertise," Head of the Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy Office Hari Nugroho stated here on Tuesday.

Nugroho remarked that the screening is conducted in collaboration with the Jakarta Population and Civil Registry Office (Dukcapil). The screening is related to the status and data of newcomers and their skills or readiness to live in Jakarta.

"Again, this is just a concept. There will be a focus group discussion next month with the Jakarta Dukcapil to see what it looks like," he remarked.

According to Nugroho, the Jakarta provincial government does not prohibit newcomers seeking jobs in Jakarta, but they must possess work skills that make it easier for them to find work and continue to lead a better life.

"Please do not enter Jakarta if you do not have skills, which make you become unemployed," he emphasized.

Anyone can come to Jakarta as long as he or she has the guarantee of a place to live, a job, and possesses skills to work. He emphasized that the purpose of screening newcomers is inseparable from Jakarta's vision to become a global city in the next few years.

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"When Jakarta will be able to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment, if not by that skill screening," he stressed.

The Jakarta provincial government earlier announced that there were at least 1,038 newcomers from various regions after the 2024 Eid holiday return flow. Earlier, Jakarta legislator William Aditya Sarana had also called on the Jakarta Dukcapil to supervise the data of newcomers in the capital.