Govt allocates Rp219 bln to support project partnerships in Nusantara

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Govt allocates Rp219 bln to support project partnerships in Nusantara

Director general of financing and risk management at the Finance Ministry Suminto during a meeting with Commission XI of the House of Representatives, accessed in Jakarta on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. (ANTARA PHOTOS/Agatha Olivia Victoria/my)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Finance Ministry has allotted Rp219 billion (US$14.4 million) in 2023 to support public-private partnerships in Nusantara Capital City. "The budget is given for two Nusantara Capital City projects that have been facilitated," Director General of Financing and Risk Management at the Finance Ministry Suminto stated during a meeting with Commission XI of the House of Representatives, accessed here on Tuesday.

Suminto elaborated that the two projects in question comprised project development facilities on utilization and transfer of state assets to develop Nusantara City that included the preparation of agreement documents valued at Rp49 billion (US$3.2 million).

The other project pertained to supporting facilities for the funding scheme of the Nusantara City central government core area, including for project development and preparation of agreement documents worth Rp170 billion (US$11.2 million). The project development facilities include four flats by business entities, comprising state civil apparatus flats in the Korea Land Housing's Precinct Core and state civil apparatus flats in the North Government by Summarecon.

The others are defense and security flats and state civil apparatus flats by CCFG-RBN as well as state civil apparatus flats in the West Government by Nindya Karya. Suminto explained that currently, development of the four flats were still in the proposal preparation stage that was issued to the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry.

The ministry also allocated as much as Rp158.4 trillion (US$10.4 billion) in 2023 for public-private partnership projects outside Nusantara City comprising Rp11.6 trillion (US$763.7 million) for the Bekasi Proving Ground, Rp1.9 trillion (US$125 million) for the Badung South Ring Road, Rp11.9 trillion (US$783.5 million) for Singkawang Airport, Rp2.5 trillion (US$164.5 million) for the Wosusokas II regional drinking water supply system, and Rp10.5 trillion (US$691.3 million) for the Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone flats.

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Moreover, the allocation comprised Rp23 trillion (US$1.5 billion) for Cisaranten flats, Rp18.9 trillion (US$1.2 billion) for the Piyungan disposal site, Rp7.7 trillion (US$506.9 million) for the Batam Gas Network, Rp10.6 trillion (US$698 million) for the Kamijoro drinking water supply system, Rp6.3 trillion (US$414.8 million) for the Jatigede drinking water supply system, Rp18.7 trillion (US$1.2 billion) for the Dam and Merangin drinking water supply system, Rp7.7 trillion (US$506.9 million) for the Karawang Spuur flats, as well as Rp26.9 trillion (US$1.8 billion) for the Pekanbaru drinking water supply system.

Moreover, international institutional cooperation mechanisms were adopted to fund for the Legok Nangka Waste Processing and Final Processing Site, so zero rupiah was disbursed for it.