Transport infra ready to supportEid homecoming, ministry assures

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Transport infra ready to supportEid homecoming, ministry assures

A screenshot of special staff to the Transportation Minister and spokesperson of the Transportation Ministry, Adita Irawati, during a talk show in Jakarta on Monday (March 25, 2024). (ANTARA/Harianto/rst)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Transportation Ministry has said that transportation infrastructure is ready to support the homecoming and return flow during the 2024 Eid al-Fitr and prevent traffic jams."Our infrastructure is ready and some of the transportation operators can actually predict how much volume will move," special staff to the Minister of Transportation and spokesperson of the Ministry of Transportation, Adita Irawati, said at a talk show on Monday.

According to her, transportation infrastructure is ready to anticipate high mobility during the homecoming period, especially via toll roads.

In addition, Irawati noted that some transportation operators have predicted the volume of movement that may be recorded thanks to digital ticket purchases, which allow for more accurate predictions.

"Because all purchases are now digital, the numbers can be predicted," she said.

Her party has predicted that the Eid homecoming flow will reach 193.6 million this year. The ministry has conducted online research and surveys involving related parties, including Statistics Indonesia (BPS), the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, and trusted mass media outlets.

The results of the research, covering 42 thousand respondents with less than a 0.5 percent margin of error, have shown high public interest.

For handling the homecoming flow, the ministry is also collaborating with other ministries and institutions, as well as transportation operators, which are key to successfully dealing with the homecoming flow.

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Coordination and problem identification activities have been carried out intensively since two months ago, focusing on land transportation. In addition, community outreach and education have also been carried out to prepare them ahead of the dynamic condition in the field during the homecoming period, she added.

Irawati said that her party is also ensuring the operational feasibility of transportation facilities and infrastructure to prevent unwanted accidents during the homecoming period.

"We need proper socialization for the community to prepare themselves for the homecoming, and what consequences might happen from the weather and other aspects," she added.