Youth has critical role to play for nation's future

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Youth has critical role to play for nation's future

Illustration of young generation (ANTARA/

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) emphasized that the youth has a strategic role to play in relation to the future of the country. "If youth development fails, it will not only be a threat to development but also a threat to the quality of the next generation," BKKBN Deputy for Family Welfare and Family Development Nopian Andusti noted in a written statement published in Jakarta, Friday.

As stipulated in BKKBN Regulation Number 12 of 2021 on the National Action Plan to Accelerate the Reduction of Stunting Rates for 2021-2024, as per article 3, points a and b, it is stated that youth and prospective brides and grooms are the targets of stunting prevention efforts.

Andusti remarked that the BKKBN views the youth from two perspectives. Under the first viewpoint, youth is a potential population belonging to the productive age group that will be involved in development in the future for which the youngsters should be prepared properly, so that they can become human resources of good quality.

Drawing attention to the second perspective, Andusti explained that the youth are potential partners, who will build families and be prospective parents for the children they give birth to, thereby necessitating them to be prepared and be given capacity-building assistance, so they can prepare well to have a family. "Preparedness to start a family is very important, as it is one of the keys to building family resilience," he remarked.

According to Andusti, a quality family will also be able to give birth to a generation with good quality. He made this statement virtually from Jakarta while inaugurating Village/Sub-District Generation Planning Ambassadors (GenRe) in Ambon City while celebrating the 30th National Family Day in 2023 in Maluku.

Hence, he said, the BKKBN held the Generation Planning Ambassador Program that was initiated five years ago. "Because this is seen as important and strategic, especially in accelerating the reduction of stunting," he noted.

According to recapitulation data as of July 20, 2023, Village/Sub-District GenRe Ambassadors in Maluku Province had only formed 314 pairs from the target of 1,234 pairs, or had only reached 25.45 percent.

Andusti commended the Maluku Provincial Government for confirming 210 pairs of Village/Sub-District GenRe Ambassadors, who had demonstrated high level of commitment from the Provincial Government to complete the formation of Village/Sub-district GenRe Ambassadors.

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"Village/Sub-District GenRe Ambassadors can be role models for their peers by providing information and education to the youth around them in preventing early marriage, pre-marital sex, drugs, and terrorism," he affirmed.